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My 2015 Cycling Challenge

This was to be the first real test of my cycle touring commitment. From the snowfields of Mt Kosciusko in New South Wales to the sandhills of South Australia where the River Murray empties into the ocean, riding along the length of the third longest river in the world is the challenge I set myself for 2015.

This was a solo journey, carrying everything I need for the 2000 kilometre (1242 mile) journey over 21 days. It was a test of my resolve and planning capabilities for many future rides of this type I may decide is a worthwhile challenge.

The longer I rode, the more I realised that I had not get some of the basics right.

I had more gear than I needed and would have to revisit my packing list and in mountainous terrain, I had vastly overestimated the distance I could cover. In some cases, how far each day was not far at all and working on average distances did not actually work at all.

But in almost every other aspect, I was not to far off the mark and the experience was extremely rewarding.

Being able to cross it off my cycling bucket list felt a little bit OK as well.

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