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My 2016 battle with the elements

Comprising a 600km (372 mi) loop through the harsh South Australian desert where tougher men than I have perished, this will be my toughest (although not longest) ride yet, an ideal opportunity to see if I want to continue to push the boundaries of what I can achieve on a solo bicycle ride.

With a width of around 2,000 kilometres (1242 miles), the Nullarbor Plain (pronounced nul-ar-bor) is the world’s largest limestone landscape. Home to the spectacular Great Australian Bight, it straddles the Western Australia and South Australia borders and is internationally recognised as an important natural and cultural resource.

If you are wondering why I would even consider trying such a ride on my own around this hostile, almost waterless environment, the answer is simple.

Being one of my bucket list items, it is partly for the challenge but mainly because I love this side of Australia where the isolation is soul building and the scenery intense and sometimes over-whelming. It will be a chance to retreat into those forgotten extremities at the back of my mind as well as being an extreme photographic opportunity.

Definitely Not “Nullaboring”

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