From Sydney Harbour to Swan River, Adelaide to Arnhem Land, you don’t have to travel far to find a national park, conservation area or a patch of remnant bush to explore and walk off some of that fine Aussie wine or food that you have been enjoying.

Pack your camera, a backpack and take a journey of discovery on foot or bicycle through one of our parks too experience a land full of natural wonders, culture and epic horizons. Many will be great for cycling, all for bushwalking and in some you will be able to camp.

Here are my last four park stories just in case you are not already heading out the front door on your own journey of discovery.

Lake Crosbie Loop

42 Mile Crossing Campsite

Box Flat Camp Site (NaCP)

Pertendi Hut Walking Trail (NaCP)

There is much to enjoy out there, but hold on, before rushing out to answer the call of nature,  it’s important to plan ahead and be prepared.

  • Check that the park will be open and be aware that parks close in times of high fire danger
  • Check the weather forecast. If the weather is going to be an issue, consider visiting another park where conditions may be more pleasant
  • Always take plenty of water and food for the outing and stay hydrated
  • Be sun smart by wearing sunscreen, a hat, protective clothing and make the most of the shade
  • Don’t over do it. In extreme weather you can fatigue quickly so avoid excessive exertion
  • Be snake aware. They are more active during hot weather and love the sun, so watch where you step and sit down. Getting bitten would be a real bummer!
  • Be mindful of animals on the trail, some move very slowly, give them plenty of time to move out of your way
  • Always make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are due back
  • Make sure you know where you are as well. A map or phone app will help you avoid getting lost

Last but not least, please consider others and observe the unofficial poop protocol.