On the very outskirts of Melrose in the Lower Flinders Ranges, this is a short easy trail meandering through quiet horse paddocks.

Commencing on the corner of Dorrington Street and Horrocks Highway, this trail leads gently down and away from the road, quickly leaving this distraction behind.

After only a few hundred metres, there is a small creek to cross where even in the middle of January, there was water flowing over the ford. But so long as care is taken, and the water is not too deep, then this should be an extra thrill for the younger riders; just as it was for this older cycling specimen.

Continuing on, I came across several horses grazing contently but unfortunately they were not interested in any interaction, instead just Turing away as though I was of no consequence. But I was able to watch them for a few minutes before continuing on, eventually looping up and the end of the trail near the town oval.

Even though the trail officially ends here on the southern edge of the Melrose Oval, if you are looking for some extra adventure, go through the gate and turning left, follow the blue posts and extend your ride up behind the oval to eventually emerge near the start of the Melrose to Wilmington Rail Trail on Cordon Road.

Trail Summary

  • Name: Melrose Showgrounds Trail
  • Region: Southern Flinders Ranges
  • Start: Dorrington Street, Melrose
  • Finish: Melrose Oval
  • Length: 2km
  • Time: Half hour
  • Type: Linear
  • Surface: Fine gravel or compacted earth
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Suitable for: Most bike types
  • Hazards: One creek crossing where care is required
  • Signage: Well posted at the start
  • Facilities: No facilities along the route.
  • Best Times: All year round but it will be hot in summer