This is a personal first, finding a rail trail that may not even yet be (officially at least) a rail trail doesn’t happen very often, but from I can find, I think I may have found one.

It was an accidental find.

I was riding from Gladstone to Melrose at the start of three days of “trail blazing” and wanting to escape the busy Horrocks Highway, had taken to a parallel dirt road for some peace and quiet.

Some “me time” as it were.

This worked a treat with traffic noise at a minimum and the road to myself.

As it turned out, there was an added bonus in the form of an unmarked trail, starting at Bullings Crossing and taking me the last two kilometres (almost) into Laura.

To be honest, the track was more than a little rough; it was overgrown and desperately in need of attention, but it was a fun, uncomplicated ride with only a few minor obstacles.

I have graded it as “moderate” not for any complexities or challenges, but rather  that with its very rocky surface, it is probably not one for the younger riders. Some “staying on bike” skills will be required for this one.

I am seeking a name from the council and once known, the un-named trail will be no more!

Trail Summary

  • Name: Laura’s Un-Named Trail
  • Region: Southern Flinders Ranges
  • Start: Bullings Crossing, Laura
  • Finish: A Tad south of Laura
  • Length: 2km
  • Time: Half hour
  • Type: Linear
  • Surface: Rough gravel or compacted earth
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Suitable for: Only suitable for off-road bikes
  • Hazards: This is a very rough trail, probably as yet unfinished and some skill is required to stay upright
  • Signage: No signage
  • Facilities: No facilities along the route.
  • Best Times: All year round