Linking the Lower Flinders Ranges towns of Laura and Stone Hut, this 7km trail is pure joy to ride as it follows the Horrocks Highway  through open farming land.

This was one of several trails I had been looking to ride while cycling the Lower Flinders Ranges in early 2017 and on arriving at the trailhead on the northern outskirts of Laura, it was looking like an easy ride.

Following an old railway route that ran north from Gladstone, the trail is well constructed with a layer of fine compacted gravel providing a firm surface for the entire 7km length.

Although the trail has a slight incline from Laura it is barely noticeable and I was able to maintain a good speed as I passed through sections that were well shaded and others that were completely exposed to the elements.

Most of the time, even though the main highway is close by, the noise of traffic is barely noticeable and I found this to be a pleasant ride, without any hazards through to Stone Hut.

Trail Summary

  • Name: Laura to Stone Hut Cycle Track
  • Region: Southern Flinders Ranges
  • Start: Horrocks Highway, Laura
  • Finish: Horrocks Highway, Stone Hut
  • Length: 7km
  • Time: Less than an hour
  • Type: Linear
  • Surface: Compacted gravel with some areas of weed overgrowth
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Suitable for: Suitable for most bike types
  • Hazards: Other than a couple of small road crossings, there are no hazards
  • Signage: Well sign-posted at both ends of the trail
  • Facilities: No facilities along the route
  • Best Times: All year round but it will be hot in summer so water should be carried