Tucked up in the far north-western corner of Victoria, this is a gloriously isolated, undisturbed region of sand dunes, salt lakes and wide-open mallee country accessible via a number of excellent cycling tracks and a bumpy 2WD track in from the Mallee Highway.

Glistening in the Murray Sunset National Park, Lake Crosbie is the largest of the four Pink Lakes that comprise the main attraction of of the Park.

Getting their names from the pink colour that comes from algae that secrete carotene (a red pigment), this effect is best seen late in the day and when it’s cloudy.

For the cyclist, using the camping area as a base, Pioneer Drive provides a 19km loop with views over Lake Crosby, Lake Kenyon and Lake Hardy which you would have passed on the way in from the highway.

Be prepared for a rough ride though, the roads are anything but easy, even on a mountain bike.

If you can put your backside’s complaining aside, the view and remoteness verges on legendary.

Be aware at all times of other vehicles on the track, they may not always be prepared to share the gravel with a cyclist!

The walking trails in the area also make the Pink Lakes an ideal place to explore further, particularly during spring wildflower season.

If you are intending to stay a few days, the campground is on the southern shore of Lake Crosbie and has a number of sites that require pre-booking, picnic tables, fire pits and toilets. Please be aware that there is no water available at the campground and the lakes are not for drinking either.

Access is off the Mallee Highway to the south.

Trail Summary

  • Name: Lake Crosbie Loop
  • Region: Murray Sunset National Park, North-West Victoria
  • Start: Lake Crosbie Camping Area
  • Finish: Lake Crosbie Camping Area
  • Length: 19km
  • Time:  2 hours
  • Type: Loop
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Suitable for: Off road or mountain bikes
  • Terrain: Mostly flat
  • Surface: Rough, loose gravel and rocks
  • Signage: None to speak of but the walking trails are well signed
  • Hazards: The road itself and heat in summer
  • Facilities: There are toilets and limited day facilities (no water) in the Lake Crosby Camping Area. There are also designated fire pits for use out of fire danger periods
  • Best Times: All year round. There is some shade so even in summer, other than being dusty, this would a great spot. Spring and Autumn are ideally suited for enjoying the wild flowers.