As I progress closer to my goal of taking all my travel photos with my iPhone, I am excited to have received my iPhone Bluetooth Camera Remote several days ago.

The HISY is a tiny, round gadget about as round as a fifty cent piece with a single button that operates the camera app. Connecting it via Bluetooth to my iPhone took less than a minute and that included getting the gadget out of the box. It comes with a battery installed that should last for around two years and will operate the camera from up to 27 metres (90 feet) away.

It is simple to use with photo or video and as I discovered accidentally, it will also operate the volume control on the iPhone, but I am not sure when I would ever use that.

One of the problems with being a solo cyclist is that I am not in many of the photos. Now I know that you don’t want me spoiling every scenic memory, but it would be nice to be in a few more of them.

Although I’m not a great taker of selfies, but from time to time there are occasions when I would like to record a special achievement or just take a goofy photo or two to share.

In the past it has been a rush to get in position and put on my bet photo-face before the time delay triggers the shutter, but no more. Now it is as simple as place the camera for the shot, step back into the picture and press the remote.

A remote like this is extremely useful, now I can be included in group shots, set it up for awkward shots and are the photo remotely an remove accidental camera shake when triggering the shutter.

Included with the remote is a small camera stand and a lanyard so that you can secure the remote to a keyring or other device.