Overwhelming; there is no other single word that I can think of to describe India. It is a country of colour, contrast, contradiction but above all, be ready to have every sense assaulted at every corner. There will hardly be a time while you are in India that you won’t be thinking; “”What am I doing here?”.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved India, but compared to the tranquility of Australia, the sheer enormity of this country assaults the senses at every turn.

If we just look at population, in 2017 it was estimated that there were 24 million people living in Delhi, this is the population of Australia squeezed into a fraction of the space.

Add in the noise, traffic, animals, pollution,  constant noise and the differences seem un-ending.

Let’s just say that India is probably the most multi-dimensional country in the world!

And after a 24 hour transit of flights and airport hang-arounds, I was not prepared for the barrage of experiences that awaited me as I emerged confident and a little arrogant from the airport terminal.

After all, I had travelled Malaysia, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Canada, America and the Land-Down-Under; I was prepared, nothing would phase me!

Very wrong!

I was not prepared and had it not been for the fact that I had a driver waiting for me at the airport, I would have been overwhelmed by the first 2-3 days in Delhi.

But gradually you become used to the mass of humanity and start to take in the wonders of this wide, over-populated country.

With such a feast of experiences, it really is worth a visit!

So, just what did I get up to in India?

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