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The origin of the expression ‘Beyond the black stump’, especially in its current use as an imaginary point on the map, is unclear but generally, it refers to an imaginary point in the Australian landscape beyond which the country is considered remote or uncivilised.

One theory as to its origins, surmises that the expression comes from the use of black stumps in the landscape as markers when directing travellers and at least three regional Australian towns claim the expression originated in their general vicinity.

What is known as fact, is that the term “Black stump” was used as land markers on an early surveyors plan and was first referred to as a boundary marker in a New South Wales court case involving a land law dispute.

From a cyclists point of view, it you are cycling beyond the black sump, then you are well and truly off the grid.

You are heading through a landscape where you are having to carry all your provisions (including water) for at least 3-4 days; the time it takes to cycle between sources of resupply that may be 500-600 kilometres apart.

So, with that in mind. let’s go cycling beyond the black stump folks!