Regardless of how you get there, driving, cycling or walking, by the end of a days travel, there is nothing better than finding a nice shady spot to set up the tent, unpack the sleeping gear, top up the energy levels and then go exploring. There’s is a special feeling when feeling the evening breeze on your back as you listen to the sound of birds in the trees. Having your day end with a majestic sunset while you enjoy a simple evening meal is one of the simple pleasures in life. As you fall to sleep under a star-filled sky, all the aches and pains of the day are forgotten as you dream of new experiences that tomorrow holds.

When camping, especially in the more remote areas:

  • Always let someone responsible know your travel plans and rough timetable
  • Make sure you have sufficient food and water for the journey as you cannot be guaranteed that supplies will be available at your destination
  • Keep an eye on the weather by checking the forecast before you leave on the Bureau of Meteorology site or using one of the mobile phone apps
  • Do not camp beneath trees with overhanging branches or in water courses. My post on avoiding the widow maker covers this in more detail
  • Be mindful of the fireballs season and local fire restrictions and where possible, always use the designated fire areas
  • Camp with minimal impact. Don’t destroy the local vegetation and take all rubbish with you

Hopefully the the four of my most recent camping stories below will encourage or even inspire an adventure of your own.

Let’s go camping folks!

Lake Crosbie Loop

42 Mile Crossing Campsite

Box Flat Camp Site (NaCP)

Pertendi Hut Walking Trail (NaCP)