Depending where you live, you may be more prone to calling it trekking, tramping or hiking, but here is “Oz”, when we hit the trail, it tends to be referred to as “bush walking”. After all, it’s what we do, go walking in the bush.

The best time to head out varies on location, in the northern half of the country, June to August are probably ideal, in contrast to down south where summer and autumn are generally more pleasant.

When I am not out cycling, I like to strap on the walking shoes and explore our national parks and more remote regions in search of adventure. As I discover these hidden gems (some not so hidden) a short description will be published and they will appear (as if by magic) in the list to the left.

The wanderings will cover trails catering for all walkers with a variety of fitness and experience levels and I suggest taking note of the gradings of each that will reflect the grading matrix shown at the end of this page.

As a teaser, these are four of my most recent walks:

Box Flat Camp Site (NaCP)

Deep View Lookout Hike (MCP)

Pertendi Hut Walking Trail (NaCP)

Sandy Creek Conservation Park

The following classification system has been developed to assist with your selecting an outing and is a basic method for categorizing the overall conditions and technical difficulty of the walk. You should select a trail that matches the skills, fitness and experience of everyone in your group. If you have young children, the easy trails may be more suitable and remember, the tracks will be more difficult when wet.

Importantly, you are the best person to decide if a trail is suitable and your personal judgment should determine if a trail meets your needs.

Be sure to check track conditions before heading out. The safety of you and your group is your responsibility.

GradeExperience RequiredTrail type
EasyNo bushwalking experience required for these trails that are accessible for all ages and fitness levels. They may not be wheel-chair accessible though.Length is generally under 3 kilometres over a well defined trail with good, firm surfaces. No hazards expected.
ModerateSuitable for most ages and of average fitness. No previous experience is necessary.Trail may include gentle inclines and a mixture of surface types. Length can vary but would generally be under 15 kilometres. Minor hazards could be encountered.
HardSome hiking experience is recommended as is a reasonable level of fitness and sure-footedness.Higher likelihood of steep inclines and rough, uneven surfaces can be expected. These will be the longer and more challenging trails.
DemandingAs the name suggests, these trails will require a high level of fitness and you should be an experienced bushwalker / hiker with good navigation skills.Any type of surface should be expected including very rough terrain, often including walking considerable distances over a number of days.