At 11 kilometres return, this ride over a very rough, little known  4X4 track to the coast was a great way to fill in a couple of hours one afternoon while camped at Border Village.

The trail starts out the back of the caravan park (past the stock yards where animals are sprayed for pests) and then winds its way towards the coast.

There is almost no (probably none) traffic on this route and once you become accustomed to bouncing from one rock to another on what passes for a road and accept that the flies are there for the duration, this is a very pleasant ride through the western extreme of the Nullarbor National Park.

From the coast, you can see west to the horizon, with the curve of an ancient coastline stark against the arid landscape.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of this ride unfortunately as I was struggling with my own stupidity.

The main reason for the ride was to put the drone up for some video of this region, but on arriving at the coast, I found that I had left the iPad back at camp and so had no way of piloting the aircraft. I contemplated going back for it, but the thought of doing the full trip again in the heat was beyond consideration.

Was I annoyed?

Let me just say that I took myself to one of the many quite corners of the scrub and spoke to myself severely!

 Trail Summary

  • Name: Border Village Coastal Excursion
  • Region: SA/WA Border, South Australia
  • Start: Border Village, South Australia
  • Finish: Great Australian Bight, South Australia
  • Length: 11km (return)km
  • Time: 1-2 Hours (return)
  • Type: Linear
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Suitable for: Off road or touring bikes
  • Terrain: Flat
  • Surface: Loose gravel and with sandy stretches
  • Hazards: The heat and flies which are only annoying
  • Facilities: None on the route, take water and food for the trip
  • Best Times: All year but the summer heat may be an issue