What are my options for getting all that gear onto my bike?

If you are new to bicycle touring it isn’t always easy to know what gear you are going to need for the bike. Look at the how and where that you want to tour; minimalistic or totally independent, winter or summer, on-road or off road; fast or slow and use this a starting point. Ultimately it is your decision and what I say is a must have, may not be something that you even consider.

Everything is subjective and there is no golden rule that will suit all situations or all people.

Listed below is the gear that I always take when staying out overnight with the optional items prefixed with an asterisk (*).

Again, remember that this is what works for me, it is up to you to adapt it so that it makes you happy.

Bike Gear

  • 3 x Spare inner tube
  • 1 x Tube repair kit
  • 1 x *Spare tyre
  • 1 x Bike pump
  • 6 x Assorted zip ties
  • 6 x Assorted hose clamps
  • 1 x Duct tape, small roll
  • 4 x Octopus straps 45cm
  • 1 x Topeak Multitool
  • 1 x Small needle nose plier

Refer to the page Packing All That Gear for tips on spreading the load effectively or the My Ortlieb Gear page for a full description of my packing kit.

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