Sorting out the redundant

It is a sure as death and taxes, if you are planning to bicycle tour, even for one night, you are going to have to take some stuff with you. Even if you plan to stay in paid accommodation and eat takeaway all day, the gear list may only be a change of clothes, a toothbrush and puncture repair kit, but for the full month long self-supported tour you will probably pack four panniers and possibly even a trailer.

Regardless of the type of tour, your mantra should be “Lighten the load where less is more”.

Remember that the fun of the ride is directly proportional to the weight you are dragging around.

Take it from someone who shipped 11 kilogram home after my first week of cycling down the River Murray in 2015. That first week was absolute torture!

Wherever you can, buy or pack lightweight, less bulky and multi-purpose  alternatives that are appropriate for your expected conditions.

When you have your gear together, pack it on your bike and go for a test run or two.

Ideally this should at least be an overnight stay after which you may find yourself eliminating some things you thought essential and adding others you overlooked.

To simplify the sorting process, I have split my list of gear into four separate lists, these being bikecampingpersonal and photographic gear.

I find it easier that way to manage each individually, especially when the length of rides varies and I adjust contents accordingly.

Good luck with assembling your list.

Don’t get discouraged, this process of trial and error is something we all do, it’s all part of constantly massaging the contents of our ideal bicycle touring packing list. It will take time to get is just right.

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