Staying Healthy

When we are out on the bike it can be a risky business. Accidents and problems of our own making can be an issue. If take care of yourself and your diet and you should be fine.

Lake Crosbie Loop

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42 Mile Crossing Campsite

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Box Flat Camp Site (NaCP)

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Pertendi Hut Walking Trail (NaCP)

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Comet Bore Campsite (NaCP)

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a.k.a Breaking The Gastronomic Routine

Despite having read many times of really creative meals being cooked by cycle tourists and hikers, it was never not going to be five star dining for me when out on the road. My reasoning was excuses were simple.

  • Firstly, after a day of encouraging my fully loaded two-wheeled walking stick over more than one hill or navigating it through kilometres of rock strewn tracks, the last thing I felt like using any of my remaining energy on, was cooking
  • Secondly and possibly more importantly, all the gear needed to cook this feast for the eyes and stomach was bloody heavy
  • Thirdly, and possibly a slight contradiction to the previous, when I do have to cook, it has to be simple and nutritious. This is where “one pot meals” come into their own. They are no substitution to  home cooked meal, but they are easy and effective.

So now, for convenience and where possible, mostly I eat simple fare from local pub, cafes or take-aways.

Seeing as I am not trying to travel on twenty cents a day, I am more than willing to support the local economy by spending $10 – $15 on a counter meal from a hotel I am passing if possible.

On the basis of only one a day obviously, otherwise I would never move forward (in a straight line) because each meal (also obviously) has to be accompanied by a pint of the publican’s finest ale.

Australian Pub - 1

Good luck to those who do take the preparation and cooking time needed to enjoy an elaborate roadside cook up, I tip my cycling helmet to you.

I hope you enjoy it, but I will take that extra time for sleeping thank you very much.