My First ‘Tour’

My first so-called tour was nothing much in hindsight, but this two day ride got me started and I haven’t looked back.

The Warbling Railway Line

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Now who would have thought that Paddy was Irish?

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Day 2: The Return Journey

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Day 1: Virginia to Balaklava

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Are you thinking about exploring the world by bike?

Right up front, I have explain my version of bicycle touring, or as I like to think of it, “Being a Bicycle Tourist”. There are many, many stories to be read about people cycling around the world, or across a continent, but I don’t believe that you have to live on the edges of extreme to enjoy discovering the world by bicycle.

Instead, why not take a day to explore a local forest or national park? Or pack your lunch and ride to the next town (so long as it is not 500 kilometres away), sit and feed the birds, take a photo or two and then ride home again.

In my mind, this is still bicycle touring and just as rewarding as circumnavigating the globe.

But don’t be surprised if after a few of these local rides you start to think about more adventurous rides. This was certainly the path I took and in doing so, I have discovered that I will never be an extreme cyclist. It is not in my nature and I have definitely left my run forty years to late.

Instead I am content to wander the back roads of this big beautiful country, photographing its nooks and crannies and having a fabulous time. Some rides are two or three days, others are longer. But regardless of the time I take, the rough roads I may ride, I love every minute and hours are spent taking photos, talking to the wonderful people who stop to check on me, or just sitting and watching the world go by.

As examples, these are a few of my multi day rides:

If you are still interested in exploring your corner of the planet by bicycle, I would suggest considering the “Big Questions” first, and then, if you are not overwhelmed, start your own adventure.