More than almost anywhere else, Australia seizes the imagination. It is where the summers are endless, the living is easy, where the jokes (and friendly insults) flow as freely as the beer and every main street has its own resident kangaroo.

It rivals the USA in land area but with a population tipping 23 million, it is far from being densely populated. Having an average of only 3 people per square kilometre in 2015 (according to Data Worldbank), we are on par with Iceland but less populated than Botswana and Libya who have a whopping 4 people per square kilometre. Compared to Bahrain with over 1,700 people per square kilometre, we are almost uninhabited!

Most of us live in cities along the coast (89%), but looking beyond these bustling metropolis’s there is the iconic scenery of the Outback, a vast arid landscape that stretches from the Great Dividing Range westward into the country’s epic interior. There are 14,000 kilometres of coastline sprinkled with its fair share of islands and deserted shores, or if you prefer, visit the wild tropical rainforest extending down the east coast from northern Queensland to the southern tip of Tasmania.

For those seeking adventure, Australia has a good quality blacktop network providing access to almost every corner of the country and pushing out to the more remote areas, thousands of back roads and rarely driven bush tracks which are there only to entice the explorer inside you. These forgotten back roads are the best way to appreciate Australia and you are encouraged to head out onto those beckoning open spaces. Out where the memory of clogging city traffic fades away and you find yourself dreaming of a peaceful campsite on one of the many secluded beaches or in a national park where the single background sound will be that of birds in tree tops or the wind sweeping away your worries.

Australia has adventure written all over it, I am proud to call it home!

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