Do You Want To Go Cycling?

If you want to know how to cycle around Australia on just 50 cents and a pie-floater a day, then unfortunately, I don’t have a clue, but good luck anyway.

However, if you love cycle touring and are interested in sharing a journey or two, then welcome, I am glad you stopped by.

From what I have seen, age doesn’t matter (I passed 60 years ago), if you have the energy to fall out of bed in the morning, then you meet the exhaustive criteria for a cycle tourist.

Here in Australia we have some great rides and I have ridden just a few of them. From the severity of the the back roads of the Nullarbor Plain in remote South Australia to a 1700km ride down the River Murray, I have found that being a bicycle tourist can be both very challenging and very rewarding.

Come along as I sort out the gear I need, spend ridiculous amounts on photography kit, battle with a bulging camping list and generally have a bloody good time sharing the dream.

Remember, life is better by bike, so let’s go riding.

Still Here?


I don’t intend to preach to you, but you must be at least semi-serious about cycling a little further than the corner store (if they still exist in your part of the world), here are several links that reflect (warts and all) on my own touring experiences:

Let's Get Started

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Were you like me? Did you turn your back on the trusty bike in your mid-late teens, leaving it neglected in the back of the shed for many years until after the kids had left home and you had a little “me ” time again?

This was definitely my story, but now, in my early sixties I have made peace with this neglected companion and as time allows, we are happily exploring Australia together.

Why don’t you come along for the ride and perhaps even get your own tour started?

Let's Get Started

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